I'm Mike Macch.

What's up?

I was born in Charlotte, and grew up right outside the city on the border of two small towns in Monroe and Indian Trail, North Carolina. I'm the second oldest in a family of four, the oldest being my sister Katie and the younger siblings being my brothers Renzo and Andrew.

Initially, wrestling wasn't even a sport I knew about. As a kid, I had dreams of playing in the NBA. After one season of rec basketball and fouling out of a game, that changed. I played a variety of sports growing up, and picked up wrestling in 8th grade. It wasn't until my freshman year that I wrestled a full complete wrestling season.

My first Division I scholarship offer came from NC State, where my collegiate wrestling career got off to a rocky start, but ended my senior year with a 22-3 record and an NCAA National Championship in the 197 pound weight class. It gave me the confidence I needed to continue my wrestling career at the next level.

A few months after my National Championship run, I won the U23 World Team Trials to make my first World Team. Fast forward one year later, I've now competed one full year at the senior level, making my first USA National Team and placing at several international tournaments. Every day I continue to work closer to my goal of competing and winning at the Olympic Games.

2018 NCAA division i
national champion

2018 NCAA division i

2018 United States
Olympic Team

Coming from a family with three siblings, and my mom coming from an even bigger family, my family has always been an important and motivating thing in my life. They have challenged me, pushed me, and supported me tremendously to help me become the person I am today.

My Family

What's important to me?

Growing up in North Carolina and coming from a small town has motivated me to not only put myself in a position of success for my family, but also my community. The community of Monroe and Indian Trail has become family as well. I'm passionate about representing where I'm from and the school I represented on the international stage.

My Community

Above all, my faith has become my biggest advantage. During my collegiate career, my faith became my own, not one that's just because your parents make you go to church every Sunday, but one that I began to pursue on my own. As my wrestling career grew, so did my faith. By 2018, the year I won the NCAA Championship, I understood what mattered most and who I am is what makes me Macch. It isn't wrestling, it's my faith.

My faith

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